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BHM Parks team working in a modern and expansive industrial and logistics park, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation in Central and Eastern Europe


BHM parks specialises in industrial and logistics real estate across Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. The portfolio managed by BHM parks includes projects in Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia. Recognising the vast potential of the region, BHM parks systematically expands its portfolio by acquiring existing parks, as well as by new development. The goal is to establish a future-proof portfolio of industrial and logistics parks that facilitate growth of businesses.

BHM parks offers modern A-class warehouses and production facilities available for lease, along with flexible build-to-suit (BTS) and build-to-own (BTO) solutions. Through a commitment to consistently increasing the technical specifications of its buildings and incorporating innovative environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions, BHM parks empowers clients to maintain a competitive edge, automate processes, and foster an appealing working environment.


BHM parks is a part of the rapidly growing investment company BHM group, which owns and operates numerous companies across the Central European region. In the realm of real estate, alongside our logistics and production parks, the BHM group concentrates on curating a diverse portfolio that includes shopping centers and residential development projects.

The goal of BHM group is to become a strong partner to companies that develop their internal know-how to create higher added value. Through the combination of synergistic effects, including the sharing of human capital, experience, and strong financial position, BHM group maximizes the potential of its companies.

Mountains representing success in achieving goals of BHM group that has a wide range portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe